Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lost in translation?

Is great sex - really powerful, to the core openness, healing, ravishing sex -- a myth?

"You might have better luck with your little electric buddy," a friend IM'd me.

I reassured her that the vibrator can only do so much. There's so much more to expansive sexual experiences than batteries. There's a cosmic powered energy party of two involved.

The mythic realm, like dreams, don't translate well -- as they are free of the limitations of time and space. While ever expanding sexual tussles with an adept partner can warrant the arrest of the space-time continuum in mythic proportions, it is at the same time a lived expression of love felt to the fullest - an experience that may defy the limitations of a lexicon, but not the speechless language of the open heart.

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Kelli said...

and sometimes a good @#$! is just what you need. nothing more, nothing less!