Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary

He sat across from her on the brocade bench by the window on the one-way side street restaurant on the day after their first anniversary, with a full view of the gallery in which they celebrated their marriage.

"I think you probably already know this at this point," he began, " but I decided I want a divorce. I want to be in mediation within the two weeks and put the house up for sale right away..."

In that moment she felt like a newborn giraffe who had just dropped 6 feet to the ground after leaving the cozy safety and comfort of its mother's womb.

She had been waiting for him to make up his mind for himself about what he wanted in the relationship, and only the speed of his delivery came as a surprise. But still, she was speechless considering the juxtaposition of their first anniversary date - not that she had ever been one for such novelties. The only sound that could be heard was the silence of her response and the blink of her eyelids as she stared at him from the other brocade bench across the table. She had a full view of the County Courthouse (across from the gallery), where they would end their legal contract of love. What a triangle. Oh, the irony...

His eyes became a bit watery as he delivered a surrender: "...I tried hard for 3 weeks, thinking of what I could do to save this... I didn't sleep that whole time, and nothing I thought of seemed to work. I really tried, and it makes me mad at myself that I couldn't make it work..."

Blink. Blink.

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