Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Energy bodies

“Each memory that has left its trace with me, lingers forever, as if part of me.”
- Nizami, The Story of Layla and Majnun

Two spinning spheres, tied up and twisted and tangled up. We collide, we gravitate towards each other, we are held in some crazy magnetic force of attraction. Sometimes it's a balance of attraction and repulsion.

We are vibrant masses of vibrations - composed of all the parts of physics, chemistry and biology in the universe. Essentially, we are charged energy bodies coming into contact with other energy bodies everyday.

In relationship, this energetic closeness provides quite an exchange that's more than just fluids -- it impacts your mood, your physique, your happiness levels. Good or bad, long or short, a relationship imprints on the energetic field of the body by its impact on the nervous system and how we've processed all that information and happenstance of all those years together. This is how we get tied up emotions, learn habits and ways of reacting from being with someone over time, have trouble letting go.

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