Friday, February 5, 2010


While I have a hard time keeping my secret crushes to myself, I also have a smidge of an issue with The Secret (that uber popular book from a few years back) -- as it doesn't go far enough into the excavation of self (read: all the inner work) necessary for a blissed out life.

While this piece over at CrazySexyLife has some Secret name-drops and themes, the essence is essential: You need to create space for what you want, take uber good care of yourself (all of you) in the process (and it's all the process), give good intention and set the expectation (expectation frosts all cakes), because (in the words of Clarissa Pinkola Estes) what you are seeking is also seeking you. Make some room for it.

Create that space for what you want. Create the space to be.

Barring the debate on the existence of soul mates and what they really are, the article's top-ten list is poignant for a simple, beautiful and lovely life. It takes cultivation: preparing the soil, planting the seeds, nurturing growth, vigilant weeding and weathering storms with grace and clarity -- which is all part of the harvest.

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