Sunday, February 28, 2010

Breaking the bottle

Do you ever feel trapped inside the story of your own making? You know, those stories you tell yourself about what happened, why things happened, what you coulda-shoulda-woulda, what she/he said, why you are the way you are, how you never get dates (ever), you'll be lonely for the rest of your life, etc? Mind Made Misery is just that - when your mind creates the track of stories that your train of thoughts rides on - and then bottles it all so they can't get out (see also: "mind bottling").

What to do with these franken-creative fictions that we tell ourselves, frequently, on repeat, that leave us self-inflictedly tortured? (How to change the mind running rampant into the vortex of self-loathing, self doubt and anxiety?) It's time to take a monkey-wrench to the tracks - and change the aforementioned mind with a new story.

If the old story is a massive stressor to your complex nervous system and messing with your ability to thrive, it's important to note here this one precious, poignant nugget: If something is causing you emotional discomfort, it's probably because you are not thinking big enough.

In other words: you're not seeing something that can relieve you of the mind-and-life-numbing thought processes spinning madly on through your body electric. But, it's a relief to know that perhaps it is that simple. If only you could lift up the curtain and see the bigger picture, to see what you're missing while being held bottled - it would all be more clear. It might blow your mind. It might feel nice to let in the fresh air.

Sometimes we don't have to believe everything we think. The Work of Bryon Katie is a little bit like breaking that bottle over your own head. Hesitant? Just consider her main question: who would you be without your story (i.e. the mind bottled one)?

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