Saturday, February 13, 2010

Get what you need

I've contemplated these riddles for a while: What do you require? What do you desire? (especially when it comes to relationships). I've written about it, meditated on it, collaged about it. I know what I want and need, but I'm also ready to be surprised.

Admittedly, when it comes to boys, I'm not a fan of settling for what doesn't suit you - as you should never (ever) do that. And while the word 'settling' is the titillating word in this title that makes me want to be up in arms (initially), I think the author of Marry Him: Settling for Mr. Good Enough has a great point (view the vid here) as she shatters the myth of waiting for the perfect person and replaces it with the wabi-sabi reality.

In defense of The Project Man Initiative , where we here at PMHQ set out to get clear with ourselves about what we are really looking for in a life partner/co-pilot/lover, etc.: yes, we make the Man List, and we check it twice. But, we're well aware that we'd be missing the point entirely if we put precedence on a stagnant 100 point checklist-that-must-be-met over the inherent brilliance of face-to-face energetics in any meet-cute moment.

Who knows what sparks will fly? What will conflagrate? And what will flop?

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