Sunday, March 15, 2009

S.O.S. - Starstruck On Sight

How do we save ourselves when we can't see through all the stars and phermones with the Mr. Wrong, even though "he is SO beautiful / breathtaking / gorgeous / Adonis / cute" etc.?

When we need to wipe disillusionment from our eyes, or the eyes of our friends in this predicament, we need to consult The Red Flag Rubric: He May Be Cute, But:

1. does he bore you?
2. is he bored by you?
3. do you do all the calling / emailing / whatever?
4. does he have a job? a career path?
5. does he actively work on his "superior man" work?
6. is he healthy? fit? -aholic?
7. do you have anything substantial in common?

...and then, consult the man list. Remind yourself what you really want, and then place the Stunning Mr. Hotness back into the scenery and adore him from afar like you would the most lovely sunset.

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