Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ridden with

Have you ever been in a relationship wrought with the big J: jealousy? Maybe you're in one now.

Jealousy is a big. red. flag. for many reasons. The main issue is insecurity, which is another red flag when not handled properly or used as a lesson for growth and letting go. As the non-jealous partner, it's your job to tactfully realize this unhealthy force before the healthy dynamic of your relationship spirals into a murky vortex. But, that often means a big shout out to your partner to do some deep inner work (i.e. "Holla, homeslice. But your insecurities are. not. my. issue. yo. Can you work on that, please?")

As Nikki would say: Jealousy is the symptom of non-relationship.

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