Sunday, March 29, 2009

Peer reviewed

Like a journal article that undergoes the rigorous editing of numerous eyes and red pens before it gets published, your significant other needs to pass the scrutiny of your nearest and dearest. The wise trustees of your tribe will be able to see red flags you might be overlooking, immune to, numb to, or blind to due to proximity to the subject and high level of twitterpatedness regarding the aforementioned subject.

A good group of peers will review red flags with you and ask you hard questions like: "Why are you with him?" "Do you love him?" "Does he make you happy 99.9% of the time?" "If he asked you to marry him right now, would you say, 'Yes, of course!'?"

If you answer yes to any of the above, then they will most likely reply excitedly to the effect of: "Well shit, (your name), that's effing awesome!!" (and then, they may be secretly envious).

If your answers waver, are paused or full of explanations and examples as to why it's more complicated than that, they will listen to the cliff notes of your relationship 'history' again, take copious notes, and then hand the notes over for you to read. This way, you see what you're saying, how silly it is, and hopefully you'll know what to do. If necessary, a savvy reviewer (with your best interests lovingly in mind) will read your words back to you and ask you to identify every excuse you are making for him which is getting in the way of your own happiness.

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I <3 that word. It suddenly has appeared numerous times in my world.