Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shopping date

The 3 lovelies were taking advantage of the beautiful weather by hitting the downtown shops ready to enhance their closets and be the local economic stimulus. They stopped into the new favorite creative t-shirt boutique. The little one, a connoisseur of t-shirts of the indie genre, consulted her fellow goddesses on potential purchases and picked up a few things for herself.

While they were in the fitting rooms she checked out her latest find. The guy behind the counter was uber cordial, encouraged her to sign the guestbook to be the first to know about sales and events, thanked her using her first name as written in the guestbook moments prior and introduced himself as Gary. She shook his hand with a smile, pleased to meet him (again) at her favorite store downtown.

Once the lovelies had purchased their final verdicts from the options that entered the dressing rooms and were ready to move on into the chilling afternoon to the next shop on the list, they were bid a gracious adieu.

"Have a great evening," Gary waved after them.

Once they were past the storefront one of the lovelies with extrasensory perception turned to the little one and said, "He totally wanted to date you."

"You got that too?!" the little one exclaimed. She had picked up on his vibe, but diverted it."But don't you think he's a little old...?"

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