Monday, January 26, 2009

Man up

"So, the purpose of the 'man list' is to manifest your potential suitor by listing the specific qualities of what you are seeking. It's like putting your order in to the Universe Cafe." She said to her cohort with reassurance, ready to take on the challenge and pen that man to paper.

"The last time, my order came up short," her friend replied. "...but he did put the lid and the seat down. That was very nice..."

"We need to get more specific," She said. "Refine the list in round two. Manifesting is all about knowing with great clarity what you want, so much so that you can almost feel it."

"So we put our rubric in place as a logical evaluation system as we open to the diversity of possibilities, but we can't leave our heart out of it entirely though, can we?" her little friend mentioned. "I still need tinglies & magic along with the tough grading scale."

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