Sunday, January 4, 2009

Impatience is a virtue

They met at the coffee shop on the snowy evening, listening to live music and doodling a list of colors and new things to learn, new ways to grow, for the new year and beyond.

Reflecting on all the growth of the year past she said: "I think I need to enhance my Yin this year. You know, since my left side is numb and all...."

He looked at her and said: "How much more can you grow!? What you've done in the past year usually takes someone 3 years."

"What do you mean?" she said.

"You've totally re-directed your life. You've moved through big transitions all balanced and harmonious and arrived on the other side poised and ready and taking charge of your future. You've got your shit together. You're emotionally sound and solid. Anyone else from the normal pool of people in this world wouldn't have handled this all in such a timely and graceful manner."

She accepted the pat on the back with a big smile. "All they need is a superhero belt... and some witch skills," she added with a wink.

But, she knew it took those things and more. It took a heaping dose of impatience to not put up with something that didn't serve her soul one iota, regardless of how she was growing in that container. And that took the fierce edge of clarity and the fearlessness to follow her own inner compass.

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