Monday, January 26, 2009

In the waiting line

As their beloved patient Ignacio was leaving the waiting room, he turned to the team of alternative therapists and said to them: "Ladies, it's a shame you are not married. You need to make a list."

"I made my list already, Iggy," the first one answered him with sass. "It was my ex-husband!"

"Make another one," he insisted. "List specifics for the person you want to be with as a note to the universe and carry it with you at all times -- keep it in your purse. That's how I met my wife," he added. "We both had lists." He looked at his acupuncturist and winked. "Next time I come in, I want to know what's on your list."

"Good Bye, Ignacio," she said with a smile as she sent herself a high-priority mental note to start that list...

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