Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Once when you were

"So yesterday while I was running errands, I heard this song by the Moody Blues," she said as they walked her dog down the canyon road. "I can't remember the name but it went something like: "... I wonder where you are, I wonder if you think about me, la la la la la, in your wildest dreams...la la la."

"Oh, yeah! I know that one," her little friend said, recognizing the trademark "la la la's."

"... And, for whatever reason, the song got me thinking about my ex-husband. So, then I went into the store to pick up some stuff on my list, and who do I see? Him. He was there with his fiance on the day before their wedding."

"Wow. It was cool, tho?"

"Oh yeah. But it was curious - the whole encounter and the soundtrack and the day before their wedding."

"Curious indeed," the little one concurred. "You know, I hear about this stuff a lot -- how before someone gets married they run into or hear from all their exes, or at least, some of them. Isn't that wild? I mean, what kind of hallmark card is the universe saying in those moments?" She paused before continuing another train of thought: "... And, why is it that the guys end up remarrying so much sooner after a divorce than the women do? I really don't get it..."

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