Thursday, December 25, 2008

Good for sumthin'

She connected with her co-conspirator after a long (two-week) hiatus. The exchange of holiday wishes, what's-ups and what-nots went something like this:

"Yeah, so I think I've finally given up on this one. I mean, I've really let go of the idea that anything romantical will happen. I've been pretty clear about where I'm at, and he never has been uber clear about where he's at after any of my confessions. I guess, I could read into covert things he's said, but then again, what do I choose to read into? Do I ignore the lines that seem to be incinerating something else? Wth, right? I mean we've been plenty close - with nothin."

"In my experience, I've pretty much gathered that if a guy is into me after one or two dates, he makes no hesitation to kiss me and proceed to take my clothes off. I'll report back with more definitive conclusions in about one week. I'm working on another experiment."

"Wow, you think that's really it? the fast and furious? Is that all we can expect from them?"

"Men can give you so many disheartening insights..."

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