Sunday, December 28, 2008

The key to never-lasting

"I was reading about this study that predicted the longevity of a marriage after watching a couple interact for just 15 minutes, and do you know what the number one indicator was for a doomed outcome?" she asked her freshly divorcing friend in the seat next to her as they drove along. "Contempt."

"So is that like bitterness and resentment?" the divorcee asked.

"No, it's worse. It's the feeling that you are better than the other person."

"OMG." she looked at her friend admittedly, her eyes wide, and laughed, knowing that sentiment all too well.

"I do it too, and although it's not one of my finer traits, I just can't help it. I don't demean him, but the thoughts I have towards him... I feel like I have to lower myself to his level all the time. And, that's so draining. I want to be with someone who's on my wavelength..."

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