Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Internal memo

To: PM Executive Director

As a progress report, all I know is this:

The men keep appearing left and right, and then dropping like flies because of 'the list.' This list leads to great clarity and peace of mind, but leaves us wondering where all the potential suitors are?

Only mildly concerned,
The cub-in-training

PS. Is timing everything?


Anonymous said...

From the desk of the Executive Director of the Project Man Initiative:

It's all a test of your resolve. Give in now and all will be compromised. Let the universe, (fairies, and the angles), do their work.

Patience young grasshopper.

Anonymous said...


As the CXO(XO) of PM (the chief officer of lovely communications, like long man-lists to the fairies), I must report:

I was at this little discussion group last night with 11 beautiful smart women talking about topics ranging from shoes to healthcare, to crazy plastic surgeries in areas not to be mentioned in casual emails, and at one point - during a tangent on relationships -I brought up the list. Everyone was like: what is this list you speak of? So I told them about the Man List. And then, they made me show them my list. To make a long story short-ish, after they read it (skimmed it) they all kinda said (in almost a unison echo): "Yeah, good luck with that." And then, (then), as if calculating a calculus problem with imaginary numbers, they muttered, "This dude does not exist".

I only need one, right? not a multitude of dudes.

Anonymous said...

RE: re: DNE
That list isn't for the general public - it is a private list between you and the fairies. You don't need your sisteren to berate you for it.

- Exec. Dir.