Saturday, July 4, 2009

Girls night, part 1

It was girls night again in the idyllic mountain town, and the three beauties strode on into the swanky upstairs localvore wine bar in a wake of compliments from the pedestrians and onlookers out on the town. Comments such as "Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?" are returned with a graceful smile, but lately have just been par for the course as these things happen when experiencing the visions of loveliness that they were.

They sat at the quaint table by the tall windows overlooking the stunning mid summer view of dusk on the town's noteworthy landscape, and talked over the evening's itinerary of news, happenings, plot twists, desires and other points of discussion as they enjoyed their light happy hour fare and swirled their house reds between beaming and laughter.

Somewhere between drinks and dinner, but before dessert, a tall dark beau caught the little one's eye, and he held her gaze. She couldn't tell if he was just visiting, or a resident, but regardless, he looked like he had just come from a bouldering - tousled hair, sunglasses resting on his head like the crown of a recreating Adonis. "Ooh, enticing," she thought, and tried to focus back on the main dish of the evening, catching up with her favorite girls and the dessert menu. He caught her gaze again as he walked down the stairs to leave. She took it as a good sign, and silently hoped that he'd be at the dance on the patio at the St. Exspendy Hotel later.

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