Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cloud of unknowing

For a week she was excited at the prospect of meeting a well advertised fellow out for a little hike around the area's most popular park. According to the account, he was a catch and a half, and part of the small percentage of the population that garnered the approval of her man list.

She arrived at the correct date and time for the blind meet-greet, and the man she had been expecting was no where to be seen. Another boy was in his place, and she tried hard to hide the disappointment from the barometer of her tell-tale face.

And therein lie the headlining lesson: expectations (as in, the ones that her imagination had been running away with for over a week).

After that day, she knew that if this Blind Date thing picked up, the rules needed to be changed. There needed to be no preliminary screening or briefing or information exchanged from the mediating party. Both of the blind participants needed to be prepared to be surprised - for better or for worse. The no peeking rule needed to be mandatory to protect the silver lining in the cloud of unknowing.

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