Sunday, June 14, 2009

Find me a find

"Are you ready to date?" her friend asked.

"Probably not," she smiled honestly. "Why? Are you looking to hook me up?"

"Yes." Her friend's eyes lit up as she began pronouncing an advertisement that sounded strikingly like the little one's latest man list. "If there's a spark, you two would be perfect together. But romantical interests aside, you both need to know that you each exist in your lifetimes and therefore must meet."

The little one, at once stunned and grinning, had heard an echo of this boy about 2 years ago - while she was deciding whether or not she wanted to get married. She was never introduced to him then, and was now wondering if there was a distinct reason for that. She was pretty sure there was.

"Well... can I give him your number?" her friend persisted and pleaded: "Say YES!"

"How could I say no?"

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