Saturday, June 20, 2009


It was solstice. She was sending out her thank-yous to all of those beloved souls who had helped her along her path, letting go of all that didn't serve her, and rounding up all of her intentions for the year, ready to set them free, including the man list.

Meanwhile, she felt safe in the presence of her guides, and trusted the pathfinder who would help guide her through this walkabout of a Saturn return. She was moving forward with intention, desire, courage and action, following her soul's path and saying yes to all the opportunities that lit up like fireflies along the way.

She was moving toward a vision that looked like a gallery space, tall windows, wood floors, driftwood sculptures, white open walls bearing her photographs ... and she stood in the middle of it all wearing a black dress, looking up to a beau as if they were about to step into a dance. The scene was stunning, and she would find out soon enough who the mystery man would be.

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