Sunday, July 12, 2009


"What did he just ask you?" her friend said when the music died down enough to hear each other.

"He asked if I wanted something to drink," she said.

Her friend smiled. "I'm cracking up. He's totally crushing on you. This is so cute."

She didn't know what to think. She hadn't been crushed on recently, and vaguely remembered all of the guys that had crushed on her in the past. She never reciprocated, except for the persistent one, which she had ended up marrying way back when.

When would she have one of those mutual attraction moments? You know, the kind where that moment of simultaneous 'being seen' from across the room transcends the time-space continuum, propels you to each other, and the first thing you say when you reach that person face-to-face is a pleasantly exasperated 'where have you been?'?

The waiting was the hardest part. Until then, she was leading a full and intense life, knowing that what she was seeking was also seeking her.

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