Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dress you up in my love: an excerpt from the wedding diaries

I walked this morning with a fun friend who related an overheard wedding story to me: A bride and groom asked their parents -- who had been wed for 30 some years -- for marriage advice.

"Have you both ever thought about divorce?" the kids asked.

"Yes, but never on the same day," the father replied.

Ah, this is what I'm signing up for.

Similar themes were brought up at a bridal shower I was at last weekend when the bride asked for advice / words of wisdom from her quaint group of strong friends. The best advice from that circle was (note to self) to cut each other some slack: "As long as you are both moving to the same goal, or the same end, realize that each person will have their own journey along the way, but will eventually end up there. Knowing that you each have your own paths, but that you're moving in the same direction together gives each other room for their own way of [doing things]."

In other news, I've started looking for some cute dresses for the party. We've got 4 postcards back and 6 people are coming -- I don't know who two of them are, either. Anyway, so the dresses: I'm drawn to the iconic, classic, wear-it-again-with different-shoes-black-dresse-with-a-babydoll-cut. To be compliant, I thought I should hold out and find something not-black. So, I could go with something artsy, swishy and cute -- it is at a gallery with bluegrass tunes, afterall. But, the color thing isn't that easy.

I've been online, where you can go to Womens dresses and look at pretty much all the styles out there for 189 pages covering everything from yay & yawn, to pricey & not so pricey. I've decided that some colors and anything too stylish of the times is just to novel and short lived. And I flock back to the black frocks. I'm not saying that I haven't seen some cute dresses, but nothing I would pull off a rack or wear again or actually buy in the first place.

Looking for the perfect dress for any time and all the time is like looking for a divine partner: novelties wear off, but iconicism lasts. Or, maybe, I'm looking too much on the outside. There is a chance that divine partnership is within you rather than residing in something else outside of you. Which all seems like too much waxing esoteric on cute party-wear...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post!! Well, I prefer to shop at Target for the perfect dress for any time.