Monday, April 27, 2009

Zen & the art of letting go

She needed to play more frisbee, she decided.


House of BEL said...

I'll join you! :)

Ali said...

One must let go in order to be free.

You know,
The Universe

PS. It's easy - especially with so much else happening in your hot, amazing life.

Unknown said...

I love your site. I stumbled upon it doing online research for kissing in Zen. I am a hopeful Zenizen, or so have tried to be for some years. My recent fascination and love is with Tantra. I am stunned by parallels in Zen. When I was researching the art of sensual loving and kissing within the pages of Zen mindfulness, I found this little beauty on an eharmony web page. I love it and wanted to share with your other vignettes.


The kiss you can remember
Is not a real kiss
Just as the circle you can see
Is not a true circle
The perfect kiss is as pleasant dream
Pure experience untainted
By awful reality of tangibles
That everywhere surrounds us
You must emerge from it
With but vague recall
Too fleeting to capture
Too slippery to grasp
Too pristine to bind
By fetters of finite memory
You will remember starting
But if you bethink anything after
Then, my friend, I'm afraid
You must try again
And again
Until mindlessness becomes you

Love and peace to all