Monday, April 27, 2009

Turning on new jeans

For the past few months, her trusty old pair of jeans weren't fitting right. These two went way back. They'd been together for 6 years, almost as long as her relationship with him. They had been getting shorter and tighter for a while, but almost overnight they were not a good fit.

At first, she thought it was her. "Am I getting the pudge?" she wondered. But it was nothing these jeans hadn't seen before, even though their fibers were now restricting and uncomfortable. "Maybe I grew," she said, expanding her thoughts about the situation. Then, she reversed the direct object: "Maybe they shrunk," she concluded. It was a paradigm shift metaphorically clothed in frayed denim.

And she set out to buy a new pair of jeans. More fitting ones. A pair that didn't make her feel like a problem.


Nichole said...

Wonderful rumination...wonderful conclusion!!

longcat said...

I like.