Sunday, April 12, 2009

Heart to heart

She stood along the wall of the tiny dance studio and, as always, was immanently amazed at the yin-yang dynamic lessons inherently at play in the dance of tango. Tonight's class was no different as she listened to her instructor introduce the lesson plan of the evening.

"Guys - you need to have clarity and direction to lead the women across the floor. Ladies - you need to have patience. There can't be two leaders in this dance. The follower needs to wait for the cue, the energy flow from the leader. Don't anticipate what he's going to do. As a follower, there's a fine line between dictating and being a doormat," the instructor said. "The man proposes the step. It's the woman's choice to follow it. Let's practice that for the next few songs, step by step."

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Nichole said...

Beautifully expressed, little one.