Saturday, March 6, 2010

Seduce me, fo reals

This is from over at Jake's place, in response to Kelly Diels massive missive about the Pick-Up Artist Community. And, as usual, both conversations are worth more than a browse. Here's my favorite part from Jake's post:

"Real seduction is still something magic. And it’s on-going. It’s not about being someone else or reciting scripts or doing what some PUA guru told you to do. It’s about having enough confidence to take great joy in honest and playful dance with those you like. Real seduction becomes effortless. It’s a smirk or a playful tease without hidden agenda. It’s leaning in toward each other to listen more intently. It’s the way our eyes move from eye to eye to mouth and back again before a kiss, but not because we know the Kiss Test. Simply because this is just what we do, who we are.

"The magic of real seduction is in the back-and-forth. The thousand little things we do that convey interest and attraction to each other. The tiny little games we play. And all of this can be observed and discussed and shared – by women to women, men to men, etc, etc…

"But the spark, especially the one that lasts, is something that – like enlightenment – can’t be taught. It can only be pointed toward:
we are most attractive to others when we’re being exactly who we want to be. Not who we think we should be. Nor who we think other people want us to be.

"We’re most attractive when we are who we want to be.

"Learn this lesson and take care of yourself. That’s all you really need to know."


Unknown said...

Hey, thanks! I found her post through your blog, so I should be thanking you for hat tip!

Kelly Diels said...

oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww