Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The game of pick up chicks

Kelly Diels, the great mistress of Cleavage, has an epic post series on the Seduction Community - you know, those pick up artists, and how kindacrazyeffedup it is, in case you're interested (and, you should be)...

Here's a (gentler) excerpt from the first post:

"No, you’re awesome, honey. He just can’t see it. He’s a bastard. They all are. That’s why we’re so awesome. Thank goodness for girlfriends. Otherwise we’d have to rely on them.

"If that kind of talk is a two-martini girl-bonding Friday night for me, why am I so shocked when I encounter misogyny in the Seduction Community?

"This kind of misogny and misandry – the kind that collapses The Other into a caricature – is a burlesque. We parody and mock The Other in order to defuse the power they have over us.

"Because sexuality, and sexual love, is primal, spiritual stuff. It is dangerous and divine. We can harm or heal each other, and most often, we do both.

"So, in heterosexual, binary-gendered, conventional world – which is to say, my suburban milieu – groups of heterosexual women get together to bitch about men so that men are less threatening to our hearts and heads. Groups of men get together to figure out a way to manage women so that women are less threatening to their heads and hearts. And then we all go home and drunk-dial our exes."

Read it all - but proceed with caution: it's a metric ton of brilliance.

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