Sunday, May 24, 2009


As she set out to re-write her man list, she jotted new things down in the margins of the old draft, listing things in particular. This next revision would be a list of 100 or so tangible things so as to not confuse the universe about what she really wanted. There was no need to bog down the faeries scouring the universal database of men with good sized penises with vagarities and generalizations that would only lead to nothing better than a mediocre list of marginal search results.

Oh no. She was going big. Leaving nothing to the ambiguous, she was going to whip up this list and hand it over to the faerie god-mothers to find her divine partner with a sense of urgency and a clear image of what to send her way. No more wading the murky waters of bad search results. No more "surveying a multitude of options." She was honing in on the one and only.

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