Friday, May 22, 2009

Impaired judgement

Every guy she passed on the street looked like a potentially delicious morsel. Her discriminating taste that was usually dished with a heavy hand seemed to be out to lunch. Kinda like her mind, which followed her eyes as they clung to the fellows that walked passed her at the wi-fi coffee shop. For every dude she looked at she said to herself, "I could have sex with that one..."

It was spring, yes. She checked the calendar to confirm that point in the 28 day cycle that involved a patiently waiting ovum. "It ain't ova, till it's ova," she said under her breath, remembering a line from her especially punny high school biology teacher as he polished his humor during the human reproductive system chapter. Another guy walked by. She had to fan herself.

If you had asked her about her Man List today, she would have stared at you blankly. Obviously, a lonely spring ovulation creates the omittance of sound judgement as the estrogen breaks the blood-brain barrier. She has a friend who vows to stay indoors when ovulating as a rule. Together they had established this baseline standard: no dating when ovulating. Today, she felt like a victim of her biology but was not making excuses.

And then, she suddenly realized: this is what guys must be like all the time.

She couldn't wait to sleep off this deluge of hormones and wait for the following day of clear thinking.

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Jake said...

Not all the time... even guys have their moments of clarity ;) More often than you might think...