Sunday, October 12, 2008

Do you know where he gets off?

She left for work early that morning. Caught the same shuttle-bus that she always rode down the walking mall through the Denver Metroplex. And there he was. Again. The man in the hot suit.

He was the only man in this city of tired casual rustic wear that was tailored to the nines in a double breasted charcoal pinstriped cashmere blend Armani suit with a striped baby blue tie which only accentuated the fine details of his overall ensemble.

The suit makes the man.

She paused her gaze, momentarily breathless and wondering if this beau could pull off jeans with the same suave. He handled his attache case incredible well. She wished she was his briefcase.

She walked passed him on the way out and winked: "I can't wait to see your ascot."

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