Friday, June 27, 2008


While sketching out my love for Kale and filling it in with green and purple colored pencil, enchanted by nature's most fabulous color combination, I glanced over at Ginny as she flipped through the pages of Vogue looking for pieces for her impending collage.

"Oh! this one is a definite possibility," she said as she held up the page she was looking at.

My eyes got big as I cast my gaze at the luscious image facing me. I moaned. "OMG, that's not a possibility," I replied. "That's a definite."

It was the most beautiful image I had seen in a while. Enough to instantly transport me into fantasy land. Depicted was Kate Moss in a fitting and billowing dress held up to her hips, being held by a sultry, sweaty, fit Latin American male. They were enrapt in the mood of whatever Latin dance they grooved to. Hot.

I had to keep peering into Ginny's pile of possible collage candidate images to sneak peeks, and each time I could barely believe my eyes. "I need to stop looking at this!" I laughed as I reached for a mango slice. "This will lock me into fantasy land with no way out."

"There's nothing wrong with fantasy land. It's such a nice respite from real life...." She assumed her role as impromptu relationship counselor for the evening.

"Yes, indeed. But I can't get any work done when I'm trapped there...," I thought out loud.

"Everyone needs a little beauty in their life. Here you, go. This is for you." She handed me the beloved pictograph of ecstasy, with a big smile on her face. With giggles of gratitude, I slipped the image into my biggie notebook of manifestations, next to the Kale.

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