Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cosmic shifts

I just wrote this in an email to a friend:

"things in my life... are in a (sometimes murky) seemingly state of limbo. Kyle & I are all-out pondering the 'state of our union' and those such matters. It's going well, but like all shifts and transitions -- who knows what will come of it."

We are not alone, however. This is a cosmic shift - of epic proportions. Pluto has moved into Capricorn, feelings are weighing more than rationalizations, and things are heaving and erupting in the wide world of intimate relationships. My tea house girls are in the same space as me. Kyle's friends are sharing their sagas. My mom just nixed her dead weight. Kyle met our realtor last weekend at the grocery store, and she mentioned that there are a lot of homes for sale because of all the divorces lately.

In couples counseling two weeks ago, I brought this up to our therapist. His eyes got big. "It's an epidemic," he said. "And, our knowledge of world history that we memorized in school doesn't give us the tools we need to handle and grow relationships...."

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