Friday, May 21, 2010

Pura vida for breakfast

After an improptu morning hike, they arrived back at her place. Her heart in flight from the surprise mountain lark, and her head full of thoughts about the day ahead of her. It was a divide she didn't know how to handle -- that aliveness and boyancy juxtaposed by the immanent feelings about a workday that hung a little heavier on the heartspace.

As he came close and held her in a tight pull that tugged at that tension even more, she felt her resistance rise as his lips met hers. She tried to stay in that moment, oh - how she wanted it, but it was slippery in the name of practical matters void of soul that were already cluttering the route to the 'off' switch in her brain. "I have to concentrate [at work] today," she whispered to him, concerned that she was already distracted by the rhythm of her heart.

"Too bad," he smiled as he kissed her again.

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