Friday, February 20, 2009

The proverbial putz

"We used to have so much fun together in undergrad, as roomates and classmates. We laughed so hard, and were always thinking and talking about the subject matters of class and life, etc. we had the best inside jokes. It was hard to lose her to distance and her new life... and whatever," she confessed to her travel cohort while waiting for the train.

"Oh, she must have married a putz. All of the friends I've had that changed like that were with guys we warped their worldview so much that they changed and our relationship was not the same. It's amazing how one person -- even an undeserving guy -- can change a girl's outlook with his insecurities, and because of her insecurities in dealing with him."

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Katya said...

This is so true! She knows who I'm thinking about. We never see her anymore...